Basic workflow

Get the data in three easy steps

Requesting data via Price API is a three-step process:

  1. You create a job.
  2. You wait for the job to finish collecting data.
  3. You download the job's results.

1. Create a job

A job encapsulates your request to collect one or more products (or other kind of data). It specifies:

  • The source from which to collect the data (e.g. amazon or google-shopping)
  • The country in which to collect the data (e.g. us for the United States, gb for Great Britain or de for Germany)
  • The topic (type of information) for which to search (e.g. search_results, product, or offers)
  • The key by which to search (e.g. search by gtin or term)
  • The values for which to search (e.g. 5901234123457 or iPhone 6s blue)
  • The max_age, indicating how old the data may be: if we have something newer in cache, we will use the cache, otherwise we will start collecting data. This can either be a number indicating how old in minutes it can be (0 means never use cache and 1440 means up to 24 hours old) or a time string using ISO 8601 format.
  • The max_pages, indicating how many pages e.g. of offers you want per product

When you create a job, you are given an ID (job_id) that you need to refer to the job in the next steps.


See API reference

POST /jobs

2. Wait for the job to finish

Now you poll the job's status every minute. A progress will be shown for your information, but the important part of the response is its status which needs to be finished (not working or finishing) before you can download the results.


See API reference

GET /jobs/:job_id

3. Download the job's results

When the job's status is finished (and only then) can you download its results.

Results can be downloaded in two different formats:

  • JSON (recommended for integration)
  • XML


72 hour retention period

Job results are only available for 72 hours after the job was requested. After that we permanently delete the results. So please make sure to download the results shortly after the job finishes.


See API reference

GET /products/bulk/:job_id