Step 2: Request a job's status until it is finished.

List of status codes

Status codeMeaning
newThe job was just received and will be scheduled soon.
workingThe job was scheduled and is being worked on according to the scheduling.
finishingAll data for the job has been collected and the results are being compiled.
finishedThe job was processed completely and is ready to be downloaded.
cancelledThe job's processing was cancelled. It cannot be downloaded. No credits have been booked for this job.

Further status codes may exist or be added later.

List of error codes

Error codeMeaning
unauthorizedNo token given or token is not valid.
job not foundNo job could found for given job_id.
job forbiddenUser with given token is not allowed access to the given job.
too many requestsUsage of this endpoint is rate limited to 60 requests per minute.

Further error codes may be added.

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