An overview of Price API

Why we exist, how we are different and what we offer to you

Executive Summary

Why we exist: To make ecommerce markets transparent at scale
How we are different: We scrape big retailers, marketplaces and price comparison sites, with a team of experts and a great cost-value ratio
What we offer: An API for current, reliable ecommerce market data

Why we exist

We believe that successful ecommerce is data-driven. It's about better insights and reliable automation.

While the ecommerce market today is very transparent to buyers, it is challenging for sellers to always have up-to-date, reliable data on the market and their competition. Price API provides your business with transparency at scale.

Do you want to dominate your competition with the best possible pricing? Do you need competitive insights to craft your pricing strategy or to monitor essential business KPIs? All these use cases depend on reliable and current market data. And that's our core competence.


How we are different

To provide transparency over the ecommerce market at scale, we scrape big retailers like Amazon, marketplaces like eBay and price comparison sites like Google Shopping.

This is hard. Thus we employ teams of experts in data collection and in ecommerce data science up to the task.

This is costly. But with more and more retailers and brands outsourcing their data collection to us, we can leverage economies of scale and provide our customers with a great cost-value ratio (see our pricing).

What we offer

The API we offer provides current and even realtime market data. It works in three steps:

  1. Your system asks Price API for one or more specific products (giving an identifier or a search phrase) and a specific data source (e.g. Google Shopping UK).
  2. Price API visits the data source's website, searches for the products and extracts the relevant information much like a real buyer would.
  3. When ready, your system downloads the data from Price API and processes it, e.g. to update prices in your shop.

Your possible next steps

  • Sign up for a free trial and request some data
  • Let's talk about how Price API can help with your use case