Google Shopping - Product ID Matching Process

The Google Shopping GTIN Matching process brings back the ability to match products from Google Shopping to GTIN searches, providing an efficient workaround after the functionality of searching GTINs/EANs on Google Shopping was disabled by the site.

The process, although currently unavailable as an Price API endpoint is started through a Form.
This submission triggers a semi-automated, multi-step procedure designed to analyze products specified by the customer within their Google Merchant Center feed. The process leverages APIs and external resources to achieve accurate product matching based on Google Merchant Center feeds.

Process Overview:

  • Submit your Google Merchant Center Feed through this Form
  • Price API starts processing the data feed, this may take up to 3 business days to ensure comprehensive analysis and accurate results
  • Price API will notify Customers when the process is completed and will attach the results to the notification (.csv via email)
  • Customers can utilize the results to request Price API with the provided product IDs to receive current product & offer information (search key: ID)
  • Customers having their implementations based on search key GTIN can stay with their implementation and will automatically make use of the newly build customer-specific product database

Customer-specific product database:

To optimize convenience for Price API customers, an additional database layer has been developed. This database allows customers to continue using the GTIN key for Google Shopping product requests without changing implementations on their side.

The additional database layer will enhance matching rates based on received results and can be individually updated (via this process) on customer needs. Each time you go through this process, we will update your personal product database to use the latest version of the results.

The implementation of customer-specific database layer takes precedence over the default Product caching logic, enhancing matching accuracy even after Google's changes.


Process Overview - Google Shopping Product ID Matching


Google Merchant Center feed

Find a guide, how to create a tab-delimited data feed for Google Merchant Center (DE, EN).

Find a documentation, how to structure product data in Google Merchant Center feeds can be found here (DE, EN).

A tab-delimited sample data can be found here .


Charging mechanism

Each processed value from the customer's feed incurs a charge of 10 credits to their Price API account, enabling a sustainable model for utilizing this service. Each processed value will be charged and result in any of the 3 results (Product ID, Loose Offer, Not Found).


Matching process results

Each Value in the Google Merchant Center Feed will be result in any of the 3 results:

  • Product ID - Price API found a matching Product Cluster, this Product ID can be used to request Offer information
  • Loose Offer - Price API could not found a Product Cluster, instead it matches a loose offer.
    With current limitations on Google Shopping Search Price API can not retrieve price information.
  • Not Found - Price API could not match this value


Future enhancements

Continual optimization efforts are underway to refine and enhance the process further, ensuring improved efficiency, speed and accuracy.