Optionally, you can cancel a running job.


credit deduction

We don't deduct any credits if a user decides to cancel a running job.
Note that the canceled job cannot be downloaded.


An error is indicated by an HTTP status code in the 4xx and 5xx ranges. If the error happens on an application level, we try to provide an explanation in JSON.


Non-JSON responses

If something goes wrong somewhere deeper in our stack (say on a load balancer), we might return a different kind of response (like HTML or text).

Example error response

  "success": false,
  "reason": "unauthorized",
  "parameter": "token",
  "comment": "Provide your API key with the parameter 'token'!"
<html><body><h1>503 Service Unavailable</h1>
No server is available to handle this request.
  "success": false,
  "reason": "Not found"
    "success": false,
    "reason": "Job is already finished or canceled"

List of error codes

Error codeMeaning
UnauthorizedNo token given or token is not valid.
Not foundNo job could be found for given job_id
Job is already finished or canceledJobs that are already terminated cannot be canceled, also the already canceled jobs cannot be canceled.

Further error codes may be added in the future.

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